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Retro Metal Bar Table

$229.99 USD

When past manufactures added items and accessories to their lawn furniture lines, none of them gave consideration to creating bar height pieces. However, nearly every modern day outdoor furniture manufacture now offers bar sets. They are very popular and do service both inside as well as out. Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC quickly recognized the need for bar height chairs and tables, adding them to its own line of vintage lawn furniture. These pieces are styled after period metal lawn chairs and gliders just as if they themselves were products available from "back in the day"!

The table is popularly sized at 40" in diameter and 36" tall. A full perimeter foot rest makes for comfortable sitting. The chairs are sized to match sporting era correct styling with their own foot rest. Each piece is made from heavy duty materials suitable for extended service out of doors. The table accepts conventional sized umbrellas.

Please note the following when ordering Patio Tables and Bar Tables - they cannot be shipped via UPS from our warehouse. They must ship on a pallet.

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