What Kitchen Backsplash is Right for You?

Adding a new backsplash is a relatively simple project that has a profound impact on a kitchen's décor. This tiled area protects the wall from splattering oil, grease, and other debris, while also adding a brilliant new focal point to the environment. Best of all, most homeowners can install backsplashes without hiring a professional contractor, making this a budget-friendly renovation project.

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Trend of the Month: Using Metal in the Kitchen

There's a growing trend towards the use of metal in the kitchen, and for good reason: it offers a timeless level of sophistication that's unparalleled when compared to other materials. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern, contemporary, traditional, or practically any other style, you can rest assured knowing that metal will enhance your kitchen's décor.

From metal refrigerators, stoves and microwaves, to counter tops, backsplashes and more, the possibilities are endless. If you're going to use metal in the kitchen, however, it's recommended that you create a universal décor with metal being at the center. Metal clashes when mixed with other materials, so keep it the focus of your kitchen.

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    YourBarStoolStore.com on HGTV

    During the summer on 2014, the producers of HGTV approached the fine folks at YourBarStoolStore.com about supplying bar stools for their upcoming episode of "Yard Core".  YourBarStoolStore.com contributed a few beautiful Modway adjustable bar stools.  Boy do they look nice!

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    How to Create a Man Cave the Joneses Couldn't Keep Up With


    Photo Credit: Stephen Bowler

    Every guy should have his own area to kick back, relax and unwind, which is where a man cave comes into play. This area allows guys to express themselves, without restrictions. And while man caves come in a wide variety of different sizes and styles, they all share a simple underlying principle: to offer a personalized area that's tailored to the guy's preferences.

    Contrary to what some people may believe, man caves aren't intended strictly for the male head-of-household. The guy's spouse or significant other will also benefit, as it promotes a healthy, stress-free relationship. Now for the million-dollar question, how do I create an amazing man cave?

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    Top 5 Fall Drinks to Impress and Inebriate Your Friends

    #1  Pumpkin Martini Recipe

    Tis the season to be having some fun with family and friends, and nothing says fall party time better than a tasty pumpkin martini. Debicooks brings us a delicious recipe for a pumpkin martini that will have you going back for more. Make sure you have a designated driver for this tasty treat if you’re not already home, because it may be impossible to have just one.  From the heavy whipping cream to the spiced rum and favorite pumpkin pie seasonings like nutmeg and cinnamon, this scrumptious martini could probably stand alone as desert. See the full recipe here.

    #2  Hot Mulled Cider

    The fall season is upon us and with days getting chilly and nights getting down right cold, nothing warms up grown up hands, hearts and tummys better than Ken Oringer’s hot mulled cider. This tasty treat is a tradition in many families but Ken adds a touch of his own special goodness with special spices and wine choices. If you don’t have time to make apple cider, ferment it to make it hard and start from there, then try Ken’s delicious version and start enjoying the season right away.  See the full recipe here.

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    History of the Bar Stool


    Can you imagine walking into your neighborhood bar and not finding bar stools?

     It's unheard of.  You'd be sitting on seats with the bar tenders towering over you.  Not only that, but you'd be looking into the belly of patrons standing up enjoying their drinks.  But ever thought about where bar stools came from?

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