While choosing a hardwood floor may seem like a no-brainer, selecting the right one may actually be much more difficult than you think.

From the color, wood type, layout, and colors of the rest of the room, there are a wide range of factors to account for when selecting the right one for you.

Whether you are designing your own home or making the design decisions for your next project, here are some helpful tips and tricks so you can choose the perfect setup.

Wood Type

One of the first and more difficult decisions you will have to make in the flooring process is what type of wood you use. Much of this depends on the kind of atmosphere and overall feel you are looking to create, which will all depend on the type of wood used as different options yields different colors and finishes.

For those looking to create a warmer vibe in their space that can match up with darker fixtures and accents, a light wood floor is a perfect option. One of the best possible wood choices for this style is a natural white oak. While different stains and finishes, or lack thereof, will create a different look, the overall style and feel of white oak creates a very light and warm feeling to any room you put it in.

Do you have a kitchen with dark cabinets or a staircase that feature black or dark brown handrails? A white oak option for the flooring and steps are a great way to contrast these dark features.


One of the biggest topics of discussion when it comes to hardwood flooring is the type of stains you use on the floor. While floors like white oak will easily create a warm and inviting feel, placing stains on the floors can create a cooler mood that can work well for those who maybe have lighter features in their kitchens or living rooms.
Opting for the unstained look is another great way to create a natural feel for your home and really creates a calming effect for any space. When used in your kitchen, consider using a butcher block countertop with the same wood and finish for a great complimenting effect that is sure to add great style and elegance.

Flooring Layout

One of the most important things to take into account when installing hardwood flooring in your home is the overall layout it has. Do you want it laid the length of the room or the width? Do you like wide plank flooring or the new and innovative herringbone or chevron layout?

Each one of these layouts will create a completely different feel to whatever room you are installing it in and it is important to make sure you select the right one for you.

To make a room feel slightly larger than it is, laying it the length of the room can easily create this effect. For a more unique and upscale look, a herringbone pattern is an outstanding option for any room.

Follow these easy steps and be sure to check out our incredible furniture sourcing service for all your design needs.

Written by Abdullah Al-Amin — September 07, 2015

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