They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and for an interior designer, your first impression may be the deciding factor between you getting hired for a job or not.

Just like it's important for every professional to have a quality, updated LinkedIn profile with their skills and accomplishments listed, the interior designer's version of a killer LinkedIn account is to have a high-quality sample board.

If you have never put together a sample board of your work to show your clients, we have a few tips on what should be in this portfolio.


Above all, the layout is arguably the most important part of putting together your board. This should show how organized you can be and can even show off a few your design trends and preferences.

Spacing out you different elements throughout the board is key in making it properly balanced and not too overwhelming. By keeping everything spaced evenly throughout the board, you can create a piece that shows plenty going on but doesn't seem like too much for the client to be looking at all at once. A thick poster board or presentation board should be perfect for getting the job done.

How to Show Off Your Design Elements

Now that you know how the board should be laid out and conceptualized, it is time to focus on the elements that you need to be highlighting throughout the board so the client can get an idea of what your design will look like.

Image cards are a great way to segment different elements throughout the board so things can stay segmented and avoid blending together. These small cards can be glued on to the board to designate the different sections you will be highlighting.

What Design Elements You Should Highlight

Color is arguably the most important feature in any room in the home, so properly displaying your different paint options is a great way to show your theme. With a few brushes of different colors on your image cards, you can create some easy paint sample cards to show.

Fabric is arguably the toughest thing to showcase on a sample board, but it is crucial when trying to sell a client on your design. When trying to highlight things such as couches or pillows, you can wrap these pieces around a card with some padding to create a fuller look rather than a flat surface.

As far as carpeting and other flooring samples are concerned, taking small square and rectangular shaped samples of these elements can put mounted to the board with either a strong glue or with high-end velcro tape.

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Written by Kevin Painchaud — August 21, 2015

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