When working on the interior design of a home, one of the biggest decisions you have to make as a designer is the type of flooring material you use in each space.

Different rooms may call for different materials, so deciphering between different quality commercial materials is essential to your design success.

If you are not sure which floors are commercial standard and which ones you should be deciding between for your next design project, here are a few of the more common ones you will come across.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile flooring has always been one of the more popular flooring options for designers and contractors and new developments have increased its use throughout homes all around the world.

A new take on this material recently has been luxury vinyl tile (LVT). This material comes via new technology in 3D printing which can create an entirely new effect that was never seen on vinyl before. With LVT options, you can create a much more elegant and realistic look to standard tile at the vinyl price.

Bio-Based Tile

Bio-based tile (BBT) is a new and unique kind of material that entirely composed of limestone and recycled content. Containing zero vinyl in it whatsoever, this material is much more environmentally friendly, making it a very popular option for many contractors and designers alike.

With the ability to withstand more force and natural wear and tear, this is an ideal product for commercial flooring.

Vinyl Composition Tile

One of the more popular commercial flooring options has always been vinyl composition tile (VCT). Whenever you have walked into a commercial building or a hospital, this is likely the floor that you have walked on.

Created from colored PVC chips, this pieces are then fused together to create varying sizes of flooring tiles cut into large squares and rectangles. If you are looking for a floor that is highly resilient, durable, and cost effective, there is no better option than vinyl composition tile.

Commercial Laminate

From homes to office buildings, laminate has been a popular option for its low cost, high durability, and versatile design options. With low maintenance and attractive designs, this is the perfect option if you are designing an office space or some kind of showroom.

There are many different grades of laminate flooring; but for a commercial setting, grades AC-4 or AC-5 are the ideal options.

Commercial Hardwood

Hardwood has long been a popular option for many flooring settings due to its attractiveness and high quality.

When it comes to the commercial setting, there are three different kinds to be aware of in your selection process: solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and prefinished or unfinished hardwood.

Solid hardwoods are 100 percent natural and are typically seen in hickory wood, cherry, birch and more.

Engineered hardwood is an excellent option and usually the most common for commercial use as it is simple to install and won't expand or shrink with moisture like natural hardwood will.

As for unfinished and prefinished hardwoods, prefinished is typically the go-to option in the commercial setting with its simpler installation and maintenance while unfinished is better for those looking for a more custom design.

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Written by Kevin Painchaud — August 21, 2015

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