Kitchen countertops are one of the most popular and talked about design trends around today.

From different material options such as laminate, stone, butcher block and more, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

One of the growing trends in kitchen countertop options lately has been the unique style of waterfall countertops.

This one of a kind look brings a unique design element to your kitchen that adds some creativity as well as elegance.

What is a Waterfall Countertop?

The traditional countertop in a kitchen today simply covers the space surround your sink, stove. or oven. Whether it covers the structure flush or sticks out a little to create some kind of breakfast bar, this kind of countertop is found in the large majority of homes.

A trend that has become more and more popular in the interior design world is the waterfall countertop.

This outstanding design element features the traditional countertop, but instead of stopping at the edge, the edges spill over the side and flow all the way down to the kitchen floor, much like a waterfall does.

If you have an island installed in your kitchen, this is one of the coolest and more unique design elements you can work into your overall look. If you don't have an island, don't worry, you can still work this design element into your countertops no problem.

If you have an older kitchen, removing your current countertops and installing a beautiful feature like this one is a great way to give it some new life and put your own personal touch on the space.


When installing these kinds of countertops in your kitchen, the typical material you will see being used is some kind of high quality stone.

Anything from marble, granite, quartz and more will create a beautiful effect for your countertops and will last a very long time under anything you put them through.

Fortunately, it is not only limited to the use of stone.

You can also create this wonderful effect with other outstanding materials such as stainless steel and butcher block. Both of these options are sure to create a simply astounding aesthetic affect to your kitchen and will be a talking point for everyone you entertain in your home.


In the overall scheme of things, installing these kinds of countertops in your home are going to cost you a little more money right off the bat.

With the cost of the additional stone and the added difficulty of installation, your cost will be a bit higher than normal.

What you are getting for your money though is well worth it with the new addition of a long lasting, efficient countertop space that is the ideal combination of style and performance.

If you are looking to change something up with your kitchen, consider installing a beautiful waterfall countertop and check out our one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs for any project you are working on. 

Written by Kevin Painchaud — August 04, 2015

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