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There are a plethora of outstanding designers all over the world today, but one of the newest innovators has to by Christos Prevezanos. This Greek-born designer has a heavy literary influence behind all of his work as he grew up with the legendary Aesop's fables as a child. These stories and many others have helped shape Prevazanos into the designer he is today and he depicts much of this art into his rooms and decor in any space he designs.


Studying as an art student at Parsons school of Design in New York, Prevezanos developed his love for contemporary style while keeping this simple and elegant, yet exciting and fresh with contrasting colors and patters to balance out a room. He is a master at blending patterns and contrasting colors together to great a room that has outstanding depth and texture.

After finishing school, Prevezanos worked his way up the chain by getting into the fashion industry where he worked closely on shows put on by designers Isabel Toledo and Daryl K. Following this venture, he also worked as a stylist for fashion magazines and music videos that helped refine his skills even more.

In 2012, Prevezanos was named the "Next Wave designer" by House Beautiful Magazine and was features in the Legends of LaCienaga event. In this even, his theme was based on the Aesop fable, The Crow and the Pitcher, focusing on how tough project often yield the greatest results in all of us.


As literature has helped shape who he is as an individual, this same type of textual art plays a giant role in the outcome of each room he designs today. He is a big proponent of featuring art and novels into his projects, with his favorite hardcover novel being the 1954 edition of One Arm by Tennessee Williams that had the cover designed by Alvin Lustig.

Prevezanos is very inspired by different contemporary styles and pieces that help draw these kinds of spaces together. Some of these accessories that help complete are room are the use of a lot of canvas cloths and rustic tones. This material can easily be used as an outstanding tablecloth.


Prevezanos has an incredibly extensive and beautiful collection of outstanding projects he has worked on through the years. From airy open spaces that feature a wonderful blend of dark and light pieces of furniture, to smaller spaces that work in multiple colors into the same area, these rooms are some of the best examples of contemporary design today.

Written by Kevin Painchaud — July 15, 2015

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