If you have a passion for design, engineering, and business working together, the field of industrial design may be a perfect fit for you.

One of the more unique and growing design fields, this profession puts you in charge of a large majority of items that the world uses on a daily basis.

What exactly does an industrial designer do though? If you are considering getting into this field, we have some information you should know before stepping into this profession.

What Kind of Training Do You Need?

If you are looking to become an industrial designer, the typical minimum education you will need is a bachelor's degree. This will usually be a bachelors of science in either industrial design, engineering, or architecture. It will also help your chances greatly if you are able to intern with a company that works in one of these fields.

If you truly want to take your skills to the next level though, a masters in industrial design will help your chances of advancing in this field even more. This is a growing field as well, as an estimated 51,000 jobs are expected to be created by 2016 in this profession.

What Do Industrial Designers Do?

Before getting yourself into the education and training aspect of this field, learning what these designers do may make or break your interest. By combining different art and science skills, these designers are behind the form and function as well as the safety of mass produced products.

These professionals work side by side with clients to develop a variety of products and determine every single aspect of it. From shape, size, color, and more. When these ideas are decided upon, the industrial designer will then sketch these mock-up designs on paper for themselves and the client before creating a 3D model. This model will typically be fashioned from wood or clay in order to be able to highlight all the characteristics on a small scale.

What Is an Industrial Designer's Typical Salary?

Recent statistics showed that these designers typically make somewhere between $42,192 and $54,316 per year, with a small percentage making slightly over $60,000. While this job isn't the highest paying one in the world, it is by far one of the most rewarding for those who want to simply create new things from scratch.

How Can I Get a Job?

Just like applying for any job, there is some grunt work that you will need to do in order to land clients in this field. One of the most important ones is to have an updated resume and quality portfolio that you can present. Making this as informative and aesthetically pleasing is key to impressing a potential employer.

Finding a mentor who has also been in the field for a while is also a great connection to have. In addition to answering questions you have, they can also help you network to improve your hiring opportunities down the road.

Written by Abdullah ODesk — July 02, 2015

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