Project: Cantine WinePub, Aptos, CA

Designer: Karrie Franks Interiors
Timeframe: January - August 2014

Designing Cantine Wine Pub was an exciting opportunity for me to take on my first commercial project and work with local business owners. I knew owners Jason and Keiki McKay through Rio del Mar Elementary, where Keiki and I are involved with parent fundraising efforts. Keiki had been to our home and was attracted to my use of vintage furniture and mix of design styles.

My role in the project was purely the design and décor of the space. Jason is a general contractor and handled the trades and permits. We worked with architect, Bob Landry on blueprints.

After learning more about the demographics of their customer, I went to see the space, an eight-room pediatric physical therapy office. Jason and Keiki already had a strong vision for the layout of the space and provided images of interiors that appealed to them. I loved the direction they wanted to go and saw the opportunity to add some unique elements to the space to make the room more comfortable for their customers.

We met about a week later over dinner and I presented them with my vision for Cantine, and we had a very open dialogue. There was healthy debate, but we came to agreement on the floor plan, color and design elements. We agreed that Cantine would have a mix of mid- century, industrial, rustic organic with a dose of eclectic modern. Each area in Cantine would need to have each of these elements for the space to feel cohesive and to make the design work.

To have our vision come to life I had to be very resourceful on materials and furniture sourcing. A lot of my time was spent on sourcing and hands-on labor at the job site.

Overall Space for Cantine

The wood elements on the outside of Cantine really transformed an average commercial building to a unique space that entices you inside. To create this effect, we used salvaged redwood for all the windows and doorframes. The budget didn’t allow for replacement of the existing windows so I came up with the idea of horizontal slats as a rustic organic design element that camouflaged the white vinyl frames.

Inside we used locally sourced reclaimed fence boards to wrap the columns and bar. The design of the wine bottle walls allowed us to separate spaces but still allow light to filter through the space. To separate the retail space from the wine pub, I sourced a vintage champagne riddling rack from the local shop, Patine. Jason was able to transform it into a barn door on a steel track; combining the industrial and rustic organic elements.

Furniture for Cantine

I designed and made all the wood tables from locally sourced redwood and cedar. They are the perfect mix of rustic organic and industrial with the steel legs. All the leather and upholstered furniture pieces are vintage, except the Barcelona style sofa. I tore off the old materials, painted the frames, and had them reupholstered locally. They turned out amazing and represent the eclectic modern vibe.

All the light fixtures but one are vintage, found at local thrift stores. By spray-painting them black, they now have an eclectic modern flair. The mirrors found at a local thrift store originally had a thin gold frame, and looked very “hotel room.” I replaced the frames with some of the broken fence boards we had set aside. The result adds the rustic organic element to the walls and is one of the coolest elements in the room.

The molded plastic chairs for around the bench seating were chosen because they are super functional and represent iconic mid-century. The black color and wood legs mix perfectly with the other elements in the room. We chose the Tolix tabouret style barstools because they represent all elements – the design is mid-century influenced, the metal frame; industrial, the wood seat; rustic organic and the black color ties them in with all the other furniture.

To complete this project, I was on site everyday from mid-June to opening day. I assisted in the build out and installation of all design elements. Cantine opened in August with great support from the community. It's been a privilege to work with owners who believed in and shared my creative vision, and there's nothing more rewarding then visiting Cantine on a busy Friday night and seeing how many people are truly enjoying themselves in this transformed space.


Karrie Franks is an interior designer with a passion for coastal influences, vintage finds and modern lines. With a no rules approach to interior decorating, Karrie believes no matter the budget or stage in life you don’t need to compromise. By combining what you may already own with budget friendly finds, vintage treasures and staple essentials you can have a space that reflects you and your family’s personality.

Regarding her design inspiration, Karrie added, “I love all things vintage; the aged look and stories of found objects adds character to any room. The colors and textures of the ocean and beach always add a calm relaxed vibe to a room. I have a fond appreciation for mid century design, tarnished metals, aged woods and natural linens.”

Professional Background: Karrie has been decorating and restyling rooms for over 20 years. Since 2004, Karrie has been repurposing, refinishing and designing one of kind furniture pieces. In 2011 she started Karrie Franks Interiors located in the beautiful beach town of Aptos, CA. She works with clients in Santa Cruz, Monterey and the Bay Area.



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Written by Kevin Painchaud — October 14, 2014

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